Few words

  • AD Card
    AD Card is a website which connects Company / Business with Customer. This website is center of all Businesses, for the moment all over the Europe, same as YouTube for Videos, Facebook for People, Google for records etc.
    AD Card serves as center of Business information, dividing them into relevant categories.
    Company members of this website, will be much closer to their customers, because with the search of any service, product or tags, the website will show all Companies that can offer the same thing, with the priority of the Companies which are closer to that customer.
    Registering the Company to AD Card means that you are part of the virtual market, enabling the Customers to be notified through all of your information from your Company profile in real time.
    In AD Card every Company creates a simple business card presentation, after which there are other opportunities for information such as: Company records (Name, Logo, Description etc.), Category, Sub-Category, Contact information (Tel, Email, Website, Social Media, Contact Form etc.), Working Days & Hours, Photo Gallery, File Upload (Presentation, Catalog, Menu etc.), Google Map Location / Street View / Direction and more.
    By clicking on any Company, the system enables Customer suggestion to emerge as the other Companies of the same Category, which means that regardless of the Customer click or interest, all Companies are in constant promotion to the Client. This website officially starts functioning from January 1 2017, while for the moment interested Companies are registered to the website.
    AD Card will constantly register new Companies all over the Europe.

What information does Company profile include?

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Description
  • Category
  • Sub-Category
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • City, Country
  • Contact Form
  • Working Days & Hours
  • Photo Gallery
  • File & Document upload (Presentation, Catalog, Menu etc.)
  • Map Location / Street View / Direction
  • Company Tags
  • Company Reviews
  • Map Billboard Free Zone
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook)
  • Mobile APP (Offline searching - Coming soon)

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